Welcome to Whiston Junior and Infant School

Engaging Minds ... Developing Lives

All our staff work hard to ensure we develop the lives of all children at Whiston, as we aim to engage minds and strive for excellence. We have developed an inspiring and thought provoking EPIC Curriculum, which uses enquiry questions to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of all areas of the curriculum. Consequently, we are extremely proud of how children at Whiston Junior and Infant School, try to be 'the best they can be' in all areas of school life. 

One part of our action plan for this year is to develop our learning environment and curriculum even further - through learning outdoors - in order to further engage all learners (children and adults) to actively participate in developing a growth mindset.  Our children are polite and well-mannered and strive to learn and apply many skills including resilience, independence, collaboration and determination and we believe that by further encouraging dedication and hard work through a range of 'real-life' experiences, will help them foster a love for life-long learning. 

Examples of our EPIC Curriculum in action: Part of our whole school Africa Topic

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